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KitchenTrac® is a web-based software platform which drives a remote food service equipment monitoring service. It enables you to connect to monitored equipment controllers, analyze performance and usage metrics in real-time, manage equipment settings and subscribe to equipment Status Alerts and Notifications.

Three service levels are available: Standard, Business, Enterprise. (Please see below for details)

KitchenTrac® Standard (Free):

Included with the purchase of the Wi-Fi Option on new equipment, or the Wi-Fi Retrofit Kit for existing equipment. This is the best option for single location businesses, or those utilizing only single pieces of equipment.

Features ... Access dashboards, see current activity, view logged data, review trend graphs of performance & utilization, see menu sales trends, view equip. control settings, etc.


KitchenTrac® Business:

Complete access to control settings, data & analytics, including the capability to update equipment settings from anywhere in the world! The best option for multilocation owner/operators that utilize numerous appliances at each store location.

Features ... Access all dashboards, view all data and analytic/trend information by store location or drill down to individual equipment. Provides capability to remotely update all equipment controller settings from any web-connected device. Receive automated alerts to equip. anomalies via text or email.

Cost $27 per month, per connected store location


KitchenTrac® Enterprise:

Full-service access with all the features plus more! You focus on what’s important ... let KitchenTrac® handle everything else! Get the full benefits without needing to add personnel to monitor a large amount of equipment. This is the best option for large operations with many store locations.

A KitchenTrac® team member is dedicated to remotely monitor your equipment throughout the operating day and provide updates, reports & alert notifications. We will deploy control setting & menu revisions.

Cost $47 per month, per connected store location

** No guarantee is made that all anomalous conditions will be detected or reported ... this monitoring service is not a substitute for due diligence by on-site operating personnel and associates.

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